We produce additional value

  • Manufacturing (EMS)

Manufacturing (EMS)

Our complete EMS package allows us to grow with our customers and their products, from flexible small series production to high volume items.

We produce additional value

Our in-house production is the center of GMK electronic design. Besides an automatic assembly line it also covers a manual assembly section. Operating flexibly and efficiently, we can provide our customers with both large-scale production and smaller numbers of units.

High quality standards are of course given top priority.

That is why in-depth staff trainings and investments in modern technologies as well as constant process optimizations are permanent focal points.

Before our products leave the facility, they are once again checked thoroughly to make sure that every single item meets all requirements. This is the reason why the uniqueness of our products is based on the fulfilment of the highest quality standards.

Scope of Services

  • State-of-the-art SMT assembly line
  • Large possible spectrum of components, starting with 01005 (EIA standard)
  • Maximum PCB dimensions: 640mm x 510mm
  • THT assembly
  • Reflow, manual and wave soldering

  • Module and final assembly

  • UV printing, laser marking and laser engraving

  • Functionality test

  • Custom product packaging

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