FAQ Keycaps

General Questions

Is it possible to order a single keycap set in the webshop?

Yes, we are offering the "Q:01 Base Kit" in our webshop https://uniqey.net/

Are your keycaps compatible with all MX style switches?

For our keycaps, we use the original Cherry molds, our new molds are based on the originals. We can only ensure perfect fitment and compatibility with genuine Cherry MX switches. While the vast majority of MX clones will work without any issue, we cannot guarantee perfect fitment. Our quality control and tolerances are based on the original Cherry MX switches and dimensions, as they are the industry standard MX switch.

Guideline for Designer

Guideline to create your own packaging design

For every project with a base kit there is the option of having a custom cardboard with printed artwork. When there are two base kits you are entitled to two different designs.

The packaging follows high industry standards and current legislation. It is made out of recyclable cardboard.

To simplify the process we tailored this detailed, user-friendly manual which will guide designers and vendors through the process of designing the packaging design. Here are the corresponding links:

Guideline for Creation of a customized Packaging Design

Template Download:

Template Packaging CYL-Keycaps

Template Packaging MTNU-Keycaps

3D-Illustration Complete Packaging

Designing a Custom GMK Keycap Set (Guide)

Guide to design a custom GMK Keycap Set: Guideline

Supplementary downloads for keycaps with "Special Effects”:

Structure Streaking Effect “Light”

Structure Streaking Effect “Medium”

Structure Streaking Effect “High”

Which colors are available for the keycaps?

The keycaps are currently available in the following colors:

Keycap Colors

Color Codes

I would like to work with custom colors. How does the matching process work?

GMK offers custom colors for all projects including more than 104 keys and a MOQ of 250 sets.

The first step in creating a keycap set is selecting the colors you would like. The first place to start would be to look over the stock color options that GMK has to offer. Below you can see the range of stock GMK colors. If you’d like a closer look you can always order a color ring from the UNIQEY store as well.  

If you would like a color that is not offered as a stock color we can match and create custom colors. Please find our guidelines via the following link: Guideline Color Matching

What is the minimum order quantity for custom made keycap sets?

The minimum order quantity currently is 150 sets if only standard colors are used. And 250 sets if custom colors are used.

How much is a custom made keycap set?

Knowing how we price our keycaps is a very important aspect to consider when creating a new custom set. There are many variables that will affect the overall price of each kit.  

The main aspects that affect pricing are:

   # of keycaps in each kit
   # of standard or custom colors used 
   # of new legends and novelties 
   Keycab size
   Quantity ordered (Minimum order quantity of 150 sets if only standard colors
   are used, 250 sets if custom colors are used)

Please send us an e-mail with your required keycaps and render (see also our guide "Designing A Custom GMK Keycap Set"). We gladly create your individual quote.

Quotes are provided to vendors and direct sellers. Two rounds of quotes are included in our pricing. Designers are encouraged to submit their final design to a vendor of their choice.

What materials do you use for the keycaps?

Our CYL-keycaps are made of high-quality ABS.

The MTNU keycaps are using PBT material.

Is it possible to backlit the keycaps or is the material completely lightproof?

We produce our keycaps with the original Cherry tools.
During the time when the keycaps and tools were developed there was no interest in backlighting at all.

Besides the material, the opacity depends on the used grid. You can see this grid if you turn the keycap.
For the manufacturing of the different legends we use different grids. Some of them have more openings than others.
That's why there may be differences in the translucence.

In general we can't guarantee an opacity of 100%, due to the many variables (colors, grid, used LEDs).
Nevertheless, we have assumed this problem and we could improve the opacity by changing the material supplier in the recent weeks and months.
We made some series of experiments and the opacity of the new material is much better than the old ones.

Due to the above mentioned factors we unfortunately can't guarantee a 100% opacity and compatibility for backlit keyboards.


If you have any problems or need support, simply send us a short message. Our team will be happy to get in touch with you.