• Layer by Layer


Our team has aquired outstanding knowledge in the field of PCB design, with several hundreds of completed projects on all complexity levels.

Layer by layer

In accordance with your product and regardless of the number of layers, we create the corresponding EMC-suitable-design: efficient, flexible and application-orientated.

Depending on the application, the industry and the raw material, we modify the layout-software-packages in accordance with your wishes. Through practical experience concerning the design of electronic modules, problematic details are identified and eliminated from the beginning. Thus, we prevent time-consuming reworking.

Technological Summary

  • Large range of components: SMD, THT, Press Fit etc.
  • Single or double-sided assembly
  • Multi-layer design
  • HDI- / Microvia design
  • Flex and flex-rigid PCBs
  • Analog / Digital and mixed Signals
  • Impedance-checked high-speed designs
  • High current design
  • EMC-compatible PCB routing
  • Analysis and optimization and of existing designs
  • Software: Altium Designer (3D), CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design

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