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General Questions on the Webshop

To which countries can the UNIQEY-products be delivered?

We continue to add new countries to our webshop. This is our current list:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Replublic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA

If deliveries to your address aren't possible at the moment, please contact our service team. We are trying to expand the number of target countries soon.

My invoicing or shipping address is wrong. Is it possible to change this later?

Please send us a message with your new address immediately. If the order is not yet completed, we gladly update your address.
Please use the contact form "Question about an order".

Is it possible to cancel an order?

Unfortunately a cancellation only is possible to a certain point of the process flow. Therefore please send us a message immediately. We gladly check for you, whether the order can still be canceled. Please use the contact form "Question about an order".

I didn't receive an e-mail with the Acknowledgment of receipt

Please check that your e-mail address was entered correctly and check your spam folder.
If you didn't receive an e-mail despite correct information, please send us an e-mail. We kindly will check if we did receive your order.

Which payment methods are accepted?

To make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible, we offer a variety of payment methods.

Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are offered as an option for all currently available target countries. In addition, for the European region we offer the possibility to pay via prepayment (wire transfer).

Technical Questions

Is it possible to run the UNIQEY keyboard with an alternative power supply, e.g. USB power adapter or a battery pack?erden? (Kopie 1)

Yes. You can operate the keyboard using a standard USB power adapter or battery pack. Plug in the USB cable to the appropriate socket of the power supply. The power supply must provide at least 500 mA. This option makes sense if you are e.g. only connected to bluetooth target devices and there is no PC available for the power supply.

I mainly use the UNIQEY keyboard in connection with my tablet PC or another BT-device. Is it possible to start the UNIQEY keyboard directly connected with the tablet/BT-device?

Yes. You can adjust the start-ws, i.e. the target device, that the keyboard should be connected with after the powerup. Possible settings are USB / PS2, BT 1, BT 2, BT 3. For this please use the continuative manual for the special functions of the UNIQEY keyboard.
Note: If the target device isn't accessible via bluetooth after the powerup, the keyboard returns to USB / PS2. The keyboard must be supplied with power via the USB cable in any case.

I don't like the default color of the status LED's or the status LED's are shining too dark/bright in the basic settings. Can I adjust this?

Yes. It is possible to change the colors of the status LED's per workstation as well as to increase or lower the luminance of the LED's. For this please use the continuative manual for the special functions of the UNIQEY keyboard.

I have assigned/programmed some of my keys with macros. I could test those macros correctly in a word processing programm or text editor. Unfortunately the PC doesn't always react correctly when running them.

Possibly the PC can't process the data so fast, e.g. caused by several programms that are in process in the background. You can change the delay of the macro output in several steps in the setup. Increase the delay until the output runs correctly in all cases. For this please use the continuative manual for the special functions of the UNIQEY keyboard.

I downloaded the continuative user manual. Despite pressing the keys SHIFTL, SHIFTR and FN I don't get to the setup menu. What am I doing wrong?

The access to the setup menu is only possible by pressing the three keys in the right order.
First you need to press the key Fn, then press both Shift keys and then hold all three keys pressed for 2 seconds, to enter the setup menu.

The enclosed manual says that there should be a continuative user manual for special functions such as macros, etc... Where do I get this manual and which functions can hereby be adjusted?

The UNIQEY download area is still under development. Besides this manual you will find further information such as firmware updates in this area in the future.

Is it possible to charge or run my mobile phone or other USB devices through the USB mouseport of the Uniqey keyboard?

No. The USB mouseport of the UNIQEY keyboard can exclusively be used for operating a wired or wireless USB mouse.
Please note, that the connection of other USB devices at the USB mouseport of the UNIQEY keyboard may cause malfunctions of these devices or the UNIQEY keyboard or even may damage them.

Is the key area of the UNIQEY keyboard LED backlighted?

No, the key area is not backlighted. For future project we keep this option in mind.

Are the switches (MX switches) of the Q100 keyboard plate mounted or pcb mounted?

The switches (MX switches) of the Q100 keyboard are pcb mounted. There is no plate used.

Is the QMX clip compatible to other types of switches such as Gateron, Topre, etc.?

GMK guarantees the functionality of the QMX clip in connection with original Cherry MX switches only.
It may be possible that the QMX clip fits on similar switch types such as Gateron switches, but unfortunately we can't give a compatibility guarantee on this.

Is it possible to equip the QMX clip on keyboards where the switches are plate mounted?

We offer two types of QMX-clips: Plate mount or PCB mount.


UNIQEY-Control Software Tool Help

Access the latest Help Document: Uniqe_Control_Tool_Help

UNIQEY-Control Software Tool Download

Please follow this link to download the latest version of the UNIQEY-Control Software tool:

Download: UniqeyControlGMKOnlineInstaller


If you have any problems or need help, simply send us a short message. Our team will be happy to get in touch with you.