HMI Control Panels

  • Display and control panels

  • Display and control panels

Display and control panels

We are specialized in the development of customized HMI Control Panels

Our unique development approach allows for highly-customized HMI display and control panels. We offer solutions for an intuitive and efficient communication between humans and machines which can be seamlessly integrated in existing machinery and systems. A consistent user interface offers many benefits, but the most important one is the positive affect on customer retention satisfaction.

The field of application ranges from control units for machine and vehicle construction to display units for point of sale (POS) applications.

Technological overview

  • Glass touch, Membrane elements, Mechanical switches, Special switches (Emergency stop button, turn-switch, key switch)
  • Various front materials like glass, acrylic glass, polycarbonate
  • Protection categories for different environments (IP)
  • LCD (touch functionality), E-paper and monochrome displays
  • Safety features like (fingerprint reader, RFID, key switch)
  • Wide selection of interfaces (USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT, Modbus, Profibus, CAN bus, PS2 etc.) and wireless technologies (z.B. Bluetooth®, WLAN)


  • Automation engineering (robotics)
  • Automotive engineering
  • Information technology (IT)


  • Energy and building technology
  • Machine engineering
  • Medical technology

Product presentation: HMI WebPanel

Our rugged, ARM-based Industrial HMI WebPanel is the perfect solution for demanding industrial environments.
The embedded Linux system allows for flexible firmware updates and a quick and seamless integration in existing IT and web server configurations.


Display & Housing

  • Multi Touch PCAP
  • Chemically strengthened cover glass
  • Briliant display with high resolution and brightness
  • High-quality aluminum housing in silver or black
  • Robust, durable and compact construction
  • Front Side IP65
  • Remarkable low depth
  • Maintenance-free hardware
  • Fanless design
  • Easy to mount, VESA standard
  • Mountable on swivel arm support systems for ergonomic workstations

Software & Further benefits

  • Embedded Linux system
  • In-field firmware updates
  • Easy to connect to various control units
  • Garantierte Langzeitverfügbarkeit und höchste Service-Levels


  • Long term availability and high service level from a German based company
  • Fully functional broad support package (BSP)
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Eye-catching design enhancing any machine or automation system
  • High-performance with low power consumption


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